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I enjoy writing; putting thoughts/ideas on paper fills me with immense joy. It is his go to face for everything: telling bitches he loves them, closing deals, telling bitches he ain't messing with nobody else, telling his bros that he is fuckin' all the chicks, etc.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (Challenges & Assignments) - Divination Class. Write about a journey that changes someone's view on something.

Women are usually better in the dating game and can eventually use the majority of the sexual capacity to try guys in case she won’t like 1. Men are usually accused to become less enthusiastic.

Women are often great enthusiasts and enjoy it again whenever ones personal efforts are often not reciprocated.

I should have a general theme for this blog, but then that would make sense ..as you'll soon realize, sense and I have a strange and sometimes distant relationship. Not skin stealer crazy, but just narcissistic-ally psychotic! It won't result in murder, but may result in drama and some juicy stories to tell your friends.

Unfortunately, I have watched a few episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. For instance, you meet a guy and immediately he is like you're amazing, let's be exclusive! You go along with it though because times are tough.

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