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That said, there are of course many legends about Nicholas, and since these have influenced people throughout history, and they likely illustrate about the historical man, they are fair game for a publication, like ours, devoted to Christian history.Supposedly, Nicholas was born to a wealthy family in Patara, Lycia.An inflatable carousel that wouldn’t fit in my living room spins a snowman, a reindeer, and an elf in an endless circuit. That yard has a manger scene surrounded by reindeer and candy canes and soldiers and snowmen and…you get the point.Santa Claus can be seen in plastic light-up form, inflated fabric, plywood silhouette, and various other renditions—including catching a bass on a large fishing pole. If you brought someone from Russia to my neighborhood, what would they infer from the inflated and illuminated army?

Read More » by Bishop Nicholas Sykes AN EDUCATION IN RIGHT AND WRONG – THE LONG HAUL- Part 1 From time to time you come across the kind of person who has a ready answer for any situation, argument or accusation he is confronted with. Read More » By Bishop Nicholas Sykes Jesus was often engaged in arguments with the scholars of His time and His nation. Luke 20: 27-38 He argues from the very nature of the eternal God, who forms relationships with His children, that there is a resurrection to life. Read More » By Bishop Nicholas Sykes A word we come across often enough in nearly all fields of life is ‘Help’.

I sincerely doubt that it would convey the message of the Creator entering His Creation to redeem it from the Curse of sin.

The manger scenes might raise a question, and the lit Cross in my yard with the message “A Savior Is Born” would hopefully draw the visitor’s attention.

At least that's the most common version of the story; there are others, including an excessively grim one where the three girls are beheaded by an innkeeper and pickled in a tub of brine until Nicholas resurrects them.

After a couple of miracles (he's sometimes called Nicholas the Wonder-Worker) performed while he was still a boy, Nicholas was chosen by the people of Myra to be their new bishop.

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