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This post describes how to refresh a pivot table when data is edited/added or deleted on a specific worksheet.

The issue here is that a pivot table doesn't know if That is why you have to manually change the source cell reference and refresh pivot table, this is very easy to forget.

Close Else Msg Box "Error: No records returned.", vb Critical End If ' Clean up If CBool(conn. Close Set conn = Nothing Set rs = Nothing End Sub First of all, would this work?

Data in an Excel workbook can come from two different locations.

If the data source is a text file or a spreadsheet, make sure that another user does not have it open for exclusive access.


Therefore, the application can access any data source for which a database driver exists.

The ODBC Driver accesses the database over a network communications link using the database API.

The following image shows you some of the data on worksheet "Data" Excel is not smart enough to know when you have added values to your data, the source cell reference won't adjust automatically.

However Excel defined tables (Excel 2007 and later versions) has that feature and luckily it is easy to implement.

The main benefit of connecting to external data is that you can periodically analyze this data without repeatedly copying the data to your workbook, which is an operation that can be time consuming and prone to error.

After connecting to external data, you can also automatically refresh (or update) your Excel workbooks from the original data source whenever the data source is updated with new information.

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